Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good News Week!

J's aunt had four tickets to go see Good News Week filmed live. So we went with his parents which was pretty exciting. The Glass House was one of my favourite tv shows when I was younger, and I kind of like how this is similar in that it discusses news with comedians. Since connecting our tv to the aerial though and not having channel 10 I have deeply missed Paul McDermott's angry little man demeanour. So it was great being able to go and witness it in person! 
I did ask J to take pictures of the stage / set as we were leaving, but they're still on his phone so I don't have them yet and cannot share them with you all. 

What I can share however, is what I wore:

I really like how the back cut-out frames my tattoo. Something different.
The skirt is one of my favourites - kind of 80's. It has little rhinestone detailing on it on the front, and that crazy pattern. I picked it up ages ago, can't even remember where from but it's minkpink (one of my fav's).

I was intending to wear my bikey boots, but by the time I walked to the train station in them my feet were overheating and I caught a full-glimpse in a mirror and I felt too much like a hooker. So I bought some black flats with gold specks for really cheap. 
The problem with cheap shoes though is that they're almost never comfortable and I ended up with blisters all over the back of my feet. So today when we were walking around in the city I whinged to J that I would just have to buy thongs as well. 

So yay. two new shoe purchases (completely unintentional) in one weekend. And $30 all up. So  can't really complain about that.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tattoo Ideas

I haven't had much to write about lately, so I've spent each day waiting for something exciting to happen so that I can return here.
But my life is all kinds of boring, and I've just spent the last week working / recovering from wisdom tooth surgery / catching up in uni work / doing assignments last minute.
See, not very fun to write about.

What is exciting though is that I think I've worked out the final design and placement for my next tattoo. I've been thinking about this one since May, and it'll be about another 6 months before I completely commit to it.
I'm not a very good drawer, so I've been researching other similar styles to what I want, and I'm finally able to take a collection of images and express completely what I want.

So I think soon I might head out to a tattoo shop, get them to properly draw it up for me, keep it close, then I can set the date / appointment.

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