Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably would already have seen these...

Some shots from the week:
New stretch routine. Determined to get the splits!

Was finally able to let go!

J moved his clownfish to the new tank..
And bought this new guy!
Studying hard...
Essay planning
New vitamin diet.

Practicing my chinese!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

What's in my (work) bag?

I LOVEEE these posts.
I did one a couple of years ago, but things have changed since then so I thought I'd update it.

I have different bags for uni, work, dancing and reffing. But my work bag is the one that most closely resembles what's inside my "weekend" bag, so let's just go with that one:

So this is the bag I use. 
It's from Sportsgirl, I think it's called the 'Uni Tote' or something. I love it because of how big it is, without being obnoxious. It has heaps of little compartments to store things in, and it has a shoulder strap as well as two smaller ones.

Now for what's inside:

  1. 2012 Diary and current book I'm reading.
    Sometimes I'll switch it up and throw a textbook in instead. 
  2. Work security pass.
  3. Revlon small purse...I use this to carry daily essentials. I find having things stored in smaller bags makes it easier to switch things from bag to bag without leaving anything behind. And it helps me know where everything is. 
  4. Make-up bag. I think I got this from Equip about 5 years ago. But I love it because although it's small it still fits enough for touch-ups during the day. 
  5. Umbrella, deodorant, fresh breath spray, and make-up remover. I had just bought this make-up remover, which is why it was in there. I don't normally carry that around with me. I think the deodorant and breath spray is self-explanatory, as is the umbrella. 
  6. Wallet. For carrying moneys. 
  7. Not pictured: keys. 

So as you can see, the make up bag does fit quite a lot! 
I'll do another post later with the current beauty products I'm using, so I won't go into that too much now.

And inside the black revlon purse:
  1. Nurofen and anti-histamines. I get hayfever SO bad, it's absolutely imperative I have anti-histamines on me at all times. 
  2. Moisturiser! I wrote about that in my Friday Favourite Five.
  3. Lip balms.
  4. Dettol moisturising hand sanitiser. I am normally SO AGAINST using anti-bacterials because they're part of the reason for superbugs being created. But I always carry this with me for use in public bathrooms. I hate washing my hands and then finding out that there's no paper towels to dry my hands on. I hate using hand-dryers because they don't work. And drying my hands on my pants is messy and unprofessional. So I carry this around instead. Clean hands, and they're completely dry. (but not really completely dry since this one also moisturises!) Everybody wins. 
  5. Ventolin. WOOOO it's fun being asthmatic. 

What essentials do you carry in your bag? Do you try keep it organised or just chuck everything in?


Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favourite Five!

So I haven't been blogging as frequently as I'd like to lately, and I've decided that from now on I'll be doing regular "Friday Favourites". 
These are my favourite things of the week! I've decided not to limit myself too much, and rather than have set categories, allow them to change around each week depending on what I'm loving. 

Here's today's favourites:

The cold weather brings on a multitude of moisture problems for me. So this week, it's a tie. 
Palmer's Shea Butter Formula for Extra Dry Skin - this one's really thick and a perfect size for my handbag. 
Also loving Maybelline's Baby Lips! How it took me so long to get on board with this product I'll never know, but it is seriously one of the best lip balms I've ever used. 


All week I have been rocking out to INXS.
Loving 'Mystify' at the moment. It has such kick to it. And who doesn't love some good Aussie rock?


Check out this amazing water bottle. 
There is nothing I begrudge more in this world than paying for water when it comes out of the tap free. So for the past 2 years I have been on a hunt to find the perfect re-usable water bottle. I have 2 different sized aluminium water bottles, but they're heavy even without water in them. And if you leave water in there all day it develops a metallic taste, which I can't stand. 
I love plastic bottles because they don't make your water taste funny, and they're light. But they can be so bulky. And I already carry so much crap around. 
Then Beth came to uni with a bottle like this and I fell in love. 

Found them today in the city for $2.50! BARGAIN. 

They roll up when you're done as well, so take up practically ZERO space in your bag. 
Guys, we have a winner! 


Loving this at the moment! If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it. 
I'm maybe 2/3 of the way through the first season, but I'm really enjoying it so far. 
Have you seen it yet? Have you read the book? Let me know what you think!


Have devoured this book this week. I'm so close to the end I can taste it!
Have you read it / seen the movie adaption?


Monday, May 21, 2012

Belated Post: The Dictator Premiere Screening

So thanks to J's work, we got to see The Dictator at its premiere screening!

J was helping to manage the guest list, so for an hour or two before the film started, I sat in the Events Cinema cafe lounge thing and studied...

Am I a loser or what?
Funniest thing was, I was sitting there on my lonesome, and this really sweet guy came up to me and said  "Hey, sorry to bother you, I just walked past you to go to the bathroom, and I couldn't not come up and say hello, you looked so cute here studying by yourself".
hahaha, I told him J was just outside, and I was waiting for him and he said "Yeah, I thought you'd be with someone...but you never know right!?" Props to him for optimism and a "go get 'em" attitude.

Anyway, while we were waiting for the screening to start, who should show up but...

Yep. That's Sacha Baron Cohen in the middle there, with his "bodyguards" on either side.

Because J was working, we ended up getting seats right at the back of the cinema, and sadly, we didn't even get to sit together. We were pretty far away from the front, and because my phone has no zoom, each picture I got of SBC was pretty unidentifiable.

He gave a speech before the movie, whilst staying completely in character. Regardless of whether you like his work or not, not many actors can do that, and I think that in itself is commendable.

I really enjoyed the movie - I'm not going to do a review of it, but I did laugh, and I did like it. If you are easily offended though, then probably stay away from it. Although what I did love was that everyone is fair game in comedy.

Have you seen The Dictator yet?
Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below! I'm interested in knowing what others think of it!

J's security pass from the night. Branded with the flag from "the Republic of Wadiya"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Flatmate!! ... and some updates

So I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front the past couple of weeks. I haven't posted or commented in ages and I am reallllllly sorry about that. 
At the end of last month I posted a blog saying I wasn't coping, and I just briefly want to thank everyone who commented on that post, who emailed me, and reached out to me on twitter. 
I really appreciate the advice and the warm wishes.

But basically, everything was getting on top of me and I was super stressed with uni andddddd moving!!

That's right, moving!
So about 3 weeks ago, J and I got approved for an application we'd put in for a place!! 
About 2 weeks ago we signed the lease, and started moving everything in. We're far from being finished, but we're getting there. 
This was something we've talked about for about 6 months, and I'm so excited and happy that it's finally come to fruition. 

I now live with my bestest friend, my incredible boyfriend - the love of my life!!

sooo exciting

I'll update a bit more later, and when we I have finished unpacking, I might share some photos! But just thought I'd let you all know what's been going on and why I've been so slack in posting - we only had internet connected yesterday. So on top of living out of boxes I've been doing my uni assignments at the local library like a pauper! haha! 

But anyway, thanks guys for all the support with my last post (which I've now taken down so people won't worry about me anymore) and I'll have more posts shortly!!
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