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Review: PMD Personal Microdermabrasion System*

So a few months ago I received the PMD personal microdermabrasion system (for the rest of the post we'll shorten it to PMD for both yours and my sakes!). I was really excited to try it out, after having read many reviews on the product and now, after trying it for almost two months I'm excited to present the results to you!

What They Say:
"The technology of a clinical microdermabrasion, without paying for high priced treatments"

Okay, so that's a little vague. Let's look at

What it Does:
Microdermabrasion is an intense exfoliation treatment for your skin. It removes the outermost layer of your skin (the Stratum Corneum), tricking your body into thinking the treated skin is injured. This causes the dead skin cells to be quickly replaced with brand new ones! This is done with the use of aluminium oxide crystals and a vacuum suction.

This treatment is best used by people with acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. I have a tiny bit of acne scarring, but mostly in the form of really red cheeks with lots of dry patches.

How You Use it:
The PMD is really easy to use, however you MUST watch the instructional DVD before you try it out. I also did a heap of research on their website before my first use, and they have a really excellent demonstration video on there that you should check out as well. (To be honest, I really think it should be included in the DVD that comes with the device).
It comes with a white training disk (no aluminium oxide crystals are on this one), 4 blue disks for sensitive skin, and 2 green disks for tougher skin. The disks also come in two sizes: a smaller one for the face, and a larger one for the body.
The very first time you use it, practice with the white training disk so you get used to the suction feel, how fast you need to glide it across your face, and how taut you need to pull your skin. This doesn't count as a treatment. Once you think you've got it down, move on to the blue disk.
You should only use the treatment system once a week, given how intense it is. Also, for the first few days after each treatment, make sure you're wearing sunscreen as your skin will be more susceptible to damage.

Do I Think it's Lived up to its Claims?
In short - yes. It has dramatically helped to clear up any redness I once had, making my complexion a lot smoother. I also had a few pimple scars on my chin from blind pimples that I'd picked (bad, I know!) and they have also now disappeared.
I've used this tool for quite a while now, so I can also say with certainty that I have not had any side-effects.
I was quite nervous when I first used it that I would get the dreaded "scabs" that come up in some reviews, but if you follow all instructions properly you have no need to fear this happening.
That being said, I've never had a microdermabrasion done professionally, so I can't comment on how similar the treatments are.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
The PMD system does not run on batteries. Whilst some may see this as an inconvenience as you're tethered to the wall, I can see the benefits in this. It means that you're not going to get a change in power levels at any time during the treatment, which is really important, and it means the device is a lot lighter as there are no heavy batteries inside. The cord is also quite long.
Cleaning the device is also really simple: just wipe down the cap with rubbing alcohol and rinse out the filter in warm water. The disks get replaced every 2-4 treatments, depending on the length of each treatment (as the aluminium oxide crystals wear away after use).

Where you can buy it:
At the moment, PMD are working on expanding into the Australian market. You can buy it online at their store here, however, if you can be patient and wait for them to move down under, the shipping costs will be dramatically reduced due to them being local.

At the moment, it costs $181 USD which is expensive. However, given how much professional microdermabrasion costs, to be able to do it in your own home at a fraction of the pric

Disclaimer: This device was sent to me for consideration by the lovely people at PMD. They have in no way influenced this review and all opinions are my own. See my disclaimer for further details. 

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