Sunday, November 27, 2011

White & Nerdy

Grateful for Saturdays where I have nothing to do but play video games.

The last time I played FF13 was back in FEBRUARY.
Which is just atrocious.
So I spent countless hours yesterday playing. Which really, is just bliss considering I haven't wasted whole days away in many months.

Am off to Beth's 21st today yay!

Happy weekend all!!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Smitten with Holidays!

I am THOROUGHLY enjoying finally being on holidays!

Here's some snapshots of what I've been up to:

Drinking lots of coffee...

...and lots of tea.

Chasing away spideys. 
This huntsman was only little. Later that night, my sister and I found one that was sooooo much bigger chilling out on the door frame that leads into my kitchen. 
I was too scared to approach him and ask for a photo

I'm not much of a summer person, so I'm kinda enoying all the cosy nights inside, listening to the rain pounding on my roof.

I've also enjoyed breaky with J at the Post Cafe:

 Crazy 'fruit basket'. 
I love me some fresh fruit. Drizzled in honey ... even better!!
J had the 'post brekkie'. 

But what I've enjoyed even more than stuffing myself with food is being able to use my lappy just for reading blogs, curling up with a good book and doing some logic puzzles. 

I have started doing some research for our trip next year! YAY! 
And finally have gotten around to starting this book. 
Only a million years after all the hype. 

Although at the moment I'm also reading:
  • Dracula - Bram Stoker
  • The Bronze Horseman - Paulina Simmons
  • Live Wire - Harlan Coben
  • Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Animal Farm - George Orwell
  • Johnny Got His Gun - Dalton Trumbo 
I know right, crazy! 
This is why it takes me so goddamn long to finish any books. I just keep starting new ones!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wooooo Holidays!!

I had my final exams on Tuesday, the 15th November.
Which is why I've been kinda silent for a while.
Lotsa studying for the lead-up...

I only had two exams - one for politics (which honestly was a bit of a joke - glad I didn't waste any time studying for it -ahem-)  and one for property law and trusts. 

Because my first exam (politics) was at 9am, I had to wake up super early to get to uni on time. 
Who even knew there was a 5.00 AM!? 

I bought coffee from the only place open. 
It was horrible. 
The worst coffee I have actually ever drunk. 

And now exams are over. 
But apparently I was more stressed and anxious than I originally though. 
After I finished on Tuesday, I went to J's place - after not seeing him for days it was definitely a welcome break. 
However, half way through the night I found myself really short of breath, and on the brink of an asthma attack. Poor J, rushed around getting me water and trying to find my Ventolin (which was in my exam pencil case!). Such a trooper. 
Anyway, I calmed down and thought all was fine. 

But then the next day at work, I found myself still short of breath, and it seemed to get worse as the day went on. 
Until basically, it all built up and I ended up having another asthma attack at work...

and got taken to hospital by ambulance. 
Lots of fun. 
My first day of freedom was spent in hospital. They were really busy and needed the beds so I was let out once they stabilised me, and spent the next two nights at mum's, bed-bound to the couch for lack of any energy. 

She finally let me go home today, which was cool. But not before going to the Doctor, who said that half my problem was anxiety. Apparently stress is a huge trigger for asthmatic symptoms. 
Even though now I'm apparently getting enough O2 into my blood, my brain still hasn't calmed down which is making me think I'm not getting enough air in, which makes me panic and breathe shallowly and this in turn, causes the muscles to tighten which brings on my asthma!
Fun, hey. 

And that, dear children, is why you should not sign up for law school if you are already highly strung. 

I am looking forward to another few days of rest, and hopefully will be able to relax and enjoy my holidays now that they have finally arrived!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Things making me smile this week:

LOVE this TV show. 
So dark and addictive (haha). I take any chance I get to watch an episode. Since they're almost an hour long each, I clearly have been not using my time that well lately, and wasting it. 
But this show is great. I am up to season 3 yay.

Walks through Hyde Park for work. 
Getting to deliver documents / file court proceedings all around the city does have its perks...

New Vogue being shoved in my slot-in-my-door that acts as a mailbox. 

Decent Aussie drama. 
Am enjoying this series so far. 
Most likely will comment further on this when the series has finished.

Gingerbread biscuits with coffee. 

Feeling studious. 
Which hasn't occurred much lately because of how lazy my attitude towards uni and upcoming exams has been. This was the state of my living room during a killer take-home exam I had due on Tuesday. 
But with it's completion is another subject done. 

Two more exams to go and I am finished (yay!!)

What has made you smile this week?

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