Thursday, September 30, 2010


I LOVE getting packages.
It's like Christmas every time one is delivered.

I use my work as my mailing address, so it's so exciting when I come to work and there's presents waiting under the desk for me, or are delivered to me halfway through the day.

Today's presents:

This is my new picnic basket which I got off ebay!
I've been telling J since the end of winter that when it's spring and nice weather we're going on a picnic. So since then I've been hunting for the perfect basket.

Check out inside:

Tartan lining! <3

<--- I also got these
TWO Maybelline vibrating mascaras (one waterproof, one normal), and TWO of these cleasil wipe things.

They were really cheap, about 10 dollars (not inc postage) for the whole lot, which is amazing considering the mascaras retail for about $25 each in store on their own.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bye Wisdom Tooth!

I had my wisdom tooth extracted on Monday.
It was really quick, only took about an hour, and the anesthetic (local) was so great I hardly felt a thing. The dentist and the dentist assistants (what are they even called?) were so fantastic. I was obviously a bit nervous going in, and scared of the pain that would ensue, but they were so calming and professional.
They also gave me my tooth to keep at the end of it, which I thought was a bit weird.

I can't eat solid foods though for about a week. J's been looking after me, like the good boyfriend he is. He bought me good ice cream, and last night he made me mashed potato and added some garlic powder, cheese, paprika and some other stuff to it so that it would be a bit more interesting.

One of my old high school teachers gave me the blender when he moved back to England earlier in the year. It was so incredibly generous of him and his wife - they gave us a bunch of stuff, which was fantastic because we had just moved into our new place and were kind of short on furniture.
Anyway, so I decided to try it out and make a berry smoothie. Delicious and nutritious.

I cut up all the strawberries,

added some mixed berries. I was going to buy fresh but they're so expensive, and I figured they'd probably taste the same.

and some strawberry yoghurt!

Wirrrhhh all mixed up..
I've never really used a blender before. It was pretty exciting learning. It didn't like when I put it on 'low' so I used the 'pulse' function and it worked really well.
(I'm sorry if this is just common I said, never used one before so please don't judge too harshly!)


Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's in My Bag...

I LOVE reading when people post these, so I thought I'd make one.
You will now understand why I constantly whinge of back pain.

So I laid it all out, nice and neat so you get the full extent of it.
By the way, this isn't even when I'm just going to uni. This is my bag most days. Textbooks and all.

This is my bag. My sister picked it out for me for my 18th birthday. It's HUGE. But I love it because it doesn't look all big and bulky even when it has all my crap in it. I don't even know how that's physically possible without magic. But it kind of reminds me of Hermione's bag in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that she carries EVERYTHING around in but it's like a small bag...

Textbook, exercise book, pencil case, diary and planner (which is hiding away on the left, all black and mysterious).
I seriously carry my textbooks almost everywhere I go. With the amount of reading I have to get done each week for uni, it would be impossible if I didn't use every second spent travelling on public transport reading, and making notes etc. IMPOSSIBLE.
The 'hope' diary I recently bought from Sportsgirl in support of the Butterfly Foundation. I use it to write whatever's happening that day, whatever's making me happy / stressed / sad etc, just to get it all off my mind.
And the black Kikki.K day planner was given to me for Christmas by J.F. (he knows me so well). I should have taken photos of some of the pages, to show you how much I actually use it - could NOT live without it.

Mimco wallet with mints, snacks, paw-paw cream, deodorant, nurofen and bobby pins. Pretty self-explanatory. I have asthma so I need to carry my ventolin every with me. Attractive, huh? I don't carry my phone in that little purse, it's just positioned there coz it looked nice. Best phone ever. I use all the cool features, like Microsoft office, and the calendar and everything almost every day.

Wallet, keys, sunglasses. Obviously where I store my money, how I get into my house and to shield my eyes from the sun. I don't usually carry nailpolish around with me, but I'd just bought the green one, and I had the red one because I was staying at J.F's and was going to work the next day, needed it to touch up.

I love keychains - every one I carry has some sort of meaning. The little Mr. Incredible was given to me by my little brother before my debating grand final in year 10 for 'Good Luck' (nawww). The little sandal was given to me by an old friend when she went to Darwin for a national swimming competition. The crest is my high school's logo. We were given them when we graduated. There's also a bottle opener but you can't really see it. It was given to me when I refereed the State Titles in Dubbo in year 11. And the other's just a tag to show my membership to my uni's Law Student's Society.


What I Wore...

This post is a little late, and I apologise, I've just been so busy lately I haven't had time to do anything even remotely fun.

So, this is what I wore to dinner for J.F's birthday dinner last Tuesday night:

I finally got a chance to wear my new pink 50's dress!
It was a little chilly outside so I wore my red jacket and black stockings.
I didn't take a picture of my shoes, but I wore black tough-bikey kind of boots.

(please excuse all the clothes on my wall in the background of the second picture...I am yet to have a wardrobe)

This is the bag I wore - J.F made it for me for my 18th. It's the hardcopy cover of Catcher in the Rye (one of my fav books ever), and in the inside he sewed some tartan lining and added a zipper.
Best present ever.
I'm still amazed he made it, everytime I look at it I'm just in awe.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Guess what I did this morning!!

That's right! Jumped out of a plane!
Why!? It was J.F's 21'st birthday on Tuesday, so I bought him two tickets (one of which was obviously for myself hehehehe!)
On Tuesday night I took him out to this Japanese restaurant at Newtown, the food is amazing there! A little pricey, but well worth it!
I didn't get any photos...I completely forgot because I was just so excited it was his birthday!

I broke the news to him by giving him this:

A little more exciting than just a booking confirmation sheet or tickets I thought.
I'm incredibly bad at photoshop so please don't laugh!

Anyway, so we got there this morning, bright and early! We jumped with 'Skydive the Beach' which is in Wollongong.
The whole jump takes 6 minutes total - 1 min of complete freefall and then 5 minutes with the parachute. You jump out of a plane at an altitude ot 14,000 feet (although we were higher! eep!)
It's incredibly safe as well - each instructor has to do 500 solo jumps before they're even considered qualified to jump with other people. And in case the cord doesn't work for the parachute, there's an automatic detection device installed so it comes out on its own.

OK. I'll stop talking now and just show you pictures.

Before we took off we each got a little interview for our videos. Mine was taken at the airport. The engine of the little plane was so loud! I think I was a little scared at this point.

The first picture shows the altitude level in the plane (5,500 feet!). The second is one of the many beautiful views we had from that high up.

This is me in the plane! Unfortunately J.F was up the other end so we didn't get any photos / video footage of us being together at this stage. My smile looks a bit nervous...

Getting ready to jump!

So you kind of get pushed out of the plane. No time to turn around and wimp out. I kind of fell out and did a few tumble rolls which was just so amazingly fun!

I apologise that these aren't in any particular order. As you can tell in some of them I have the parachute and in some others I'm freefalling. But anyway, you get how exciting and fun it was.

Thank-you instructor!!
Amazing fun!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This tea infuser is brilliant!


hehehe. I really want the mug on the left. The one on the right is a little bit naughty. But I serioulsy feel that way sometimes.


I LOVE this picture <3

I want...

A porch just like this one when I own my own home.

And a nice room just like this. With nice wooden furniture and flowers and paintings on the walls. But I hate leather lounges, so maybe not that haha.

I love reading interior design blogs

New Book!

okay. so i should be doing my assignment for contract law.
BUT! I had to write about my new book that I picked up yesterday from the bookshop, after waiting WEEKS for it to be ordered in...
SO Excited to read it. Benjamin Law writes articles in Frankie, one of the many magazines I'm just so obsessed with.

At the moment I'm reading Harlan Coben's book 'Play Dead'. It was the first he had ever written, and even though he's one of my favourite authors, it's not very good... he even writes in the introduction 'if this is my first book you've picked up, put it down and get another one' which I think is pretty funny. Even though I'm not enjoying it that much I will stick with it, because I want to see how far he's evolved as a writer (which is a lot, I can already tell)
I'll write a review on it once uni calms down a bit.

Alright. Now back to unfair contract terms infringing on the doctrine of freedom of contract and party autonomy...
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