Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Colds Suck :(

At the moment I am suffering from a nasty cold. 
I struggled through work yesterday with a stuffy head, and a sniffly nose and frustrating tenants, comforted only by my Lemsip Cold drink:
J thinks they're really gross. But I kinda like 'em, and I think they're probably the only benefit to being sick haha. 

I didn't go into work today, because I felt I needed to recuperate instead. I slept in til 12.30pm, which is rare for me!
I must have needed the sleep!
I braved the rain and the cold and went to Coles to buy some fruit and vegies:

I stole the idea of was inspired to arrange them in a vase from Cate at allcatsaregreyatnight.
My fruit bowl was getting a bit overloaded, and this crystal vase (which actually belongs to my mum) was sitting unused on our table. So why not!
I think it looks great!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Book Review!

When I was in the midst of studying for exams, I went on a Book Depository binge and spent up. That website is definitely one of my favourites: cheap books, free delivery, what's not to love!?

So far though, only one has arrived - The autobiography Beautiful, by Katie Piper. 

Basic plot outline: Katie was a model and TV presenter working in London. She started dating this guy Daniel Lynch who she met on facebook and he appeared to be great - he doted on her, was charming, attractive. But then he started being really clingy, and only two weeks into their relationship he raped, beat and threatened to hang her in a hotel room. 
Lynch threatened to kill her family and friends, and he knew where she lived, so quite understandably Katie was too scared to tell police about the incident. 
But, only two days later he lured her outside into an internet cafe so she could read an email he had sent her on facebook. On her way to the cafe, just outside her apartment building and in broad daylight, a man in a hooded jumper approached Katie and threw sulphuric acid all over her face. 
Lynch had organised for Stefan Sylvestre to carry out the attack. Lynch was on the phone to Katie during it, listening to her screams.

Most of the book is about her recovery after the attack - the incredible amount of plastic surgery and operations to get her throat working okay again, the fear and anxiety that developed, and piecing her life back together again. 

The book's very easy to read, with simple language and a logical chronological sequence. At first I was a bit put-off by the simplistic language used, and how conceited she sounds in the first few chapters, but as the book continues you're made aware that this is really setting the scene for the attack and her interpretation of it.  I found that her character did grow on me as well, and not just out of sympathy either. The fact that she was once shallow, and her looks got her jobs makes you realise how much harder it was for her to deal with the attack. Sure, we're all vain to some degree, but realising how much the thought that she wasn't "beautiful" anymore impacted her really helps you to understand and appreciate how mature and selfless she was  throughout her recovery. 

Because of the easy language, and the relatively fast pace at which the book moves, I got through it in one night.
It is quite inspiring, and I do recommend it. Not only did it serve as a reminder as to how lucky I am, but the way that Katie handled her circumstances, and turned them into a positive experience to help others (by starting her own charity so other burn's victims can get treatment) is incredibly commendable. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Currently Addicted To


The characters are all slightly annoying, and the show is so unbelievable, but for some reason I'm so totally hooked on it. I'm not even a doctor / med student and I know that some of the medicinial talk is ridiculous.
Last night I started on Season 2 - I finished season 1 in about a week.
I think it must have something to do with how delightfully cynical House's character is. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

end of exams celebration

too many Heinekens consumed..

yay holidays. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

study and snuggles

Last exam is tomorrow morning! Yay!!

Spent a very relaxing Saturday night and Sunday morning snuggling up with my bestest friend in the whole wide world. After waking up around 11ish this morning, J and I went in to my sister's work to pay her a visit and get some lunch. KFC is not exactly the classiest or healthiest food, and I don't really like the taste of it, but it's not too bad once in a while. And it makes my sister happy to visit and see her working in action.

I totally deserved the time off - I have been studying like a mental person.
Unfortunately tonight will be spent with lots of cramming and snuggling up to my textbooks :(

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Loss and Longing

I really miss my Nan, and my Pop. 
I don't know why, but for some reason they're all I can think about the past few days, and it really hurts. 

Nat King Cole came on shuffle when I was on the train the other day. I was so shocked, because I totally forgot it was on there, and then I thought Nan would be so happy, because she would have gotten her way, in me owning some of his songs. 
And then I almost burst out crying, on a packed train, on my way home from Wollongong. 

I really miss my Nan's words of encouragement - especially when I get so mental and stressed with uni and life. 
This is so selfish of me - but I miss someone being proud of me.


Friday, June 17, 2011


I am meticulous with my notes!!

I completed my first law exam of the semester- Property and Trusts - on Tuesday. It was such a killer, 3 hours and the examiners shoved as much content into each problem question as they could. It was probably the most stressful exam I've ever sat, and probably one that I was the most prepared for
I think I did okay, but it's so hard to tell with law exams sometimes!
I had my politics exam last night, which frankly was quite nice. 
It's a lovely feeling, coming out of an exam not wanting to off yourself drop out of uni.
The exam finished at 8.45pm - even though I left an hour into it because I'd finished early - so I stayed at my friend Cailin's place to avoid long, lonely, late train rides home.

We got thai food from Shell Harbour on the way home - 

We shared a plate of chicken satay skewers - DELISH!

And we both got the pad thai!
Yummiest ever, so great.

And then we got back to her place and I played with her kitty, Ebby, and her doggy

So cute, I want an animal :(

One more exam left. Three more days of studying, and then holidays!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exam Breakfast

Coffee, with milo sprinkled on top to get that nice chocolatey crunch. 

Honey porridge, with blueberries. 


Monday, June 13, 2011


All this studying has made me go a bit mental!!
I have my first exam tomorrow - eep! But, I think I'm as well prepared as I can possibly be - I spent all of stuvac (I've always thought that was such an ironic word - who combines study and vacation!!? Honestly!) studying for it and I'm pretty up to scratch with the concepts and principles for Property Law.
I still have to catch up for Public Law and Politics though. Blergh!

Anywayyyyy I've not posted in so long for this reason - I feel too guilty doing anything that doesn't involve my textbooks!
Yesterday, one of my dear friends, Whitters had a BBQ lunch for her birthday, which was really lovely.
Such a nice break from my desk, and so nice to catch up with my friends who I haven't seen in a million years.

Also, I got a new housemate yesterday which is all very exciting!! I will post more on that later though! I have bought some more things for the house / for winter exams so veryyyy shortly (maybe later tonight) I will do a post on all my purchases for the last few months!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Standing outside the Uni library. 
I like the rain. I don't know why, but I always associate it with creativity, and with getting things done. Which is ironic considering it's considered the best "stay at home" weather. 

Maybe because I spend rainy days indoors studying, and sipping on tea. 
This is a pot of T2's Liquorice Legs. 
Favourite. It leaves the sweetest aftertaste in your mouth - best. 

And I love winter and the rain for the fashion and the layering:

Skirt was bought from re:new's vintage ebay shop.
I highly recommend you check it out, she has some great stuff, and all at very reasonable costs. 
Skivvy and cardigan are cotton on, scarf and headband is from sportsgirl. 


Monday is my Favourite Time of the Year....

Thank God It's Monday - by one of my favvvv bands NOFX.

I didn't have class on Monday, because I had a mandarin oral test on Tuesday - so we were given the Monday class off to practice and make sure we were ready and stuff, which is very generous of my tutor.

I think J knows I've been stressed lately - what with the no sleeping during the week, and then spending all weekend sleeping at his place (which I feel horrible about), and not eating as much as I should, and the shoulder and neck pains from carrying all my books around.
Being the amazing boyfriend that he is, he took me out on Monday, after sleeping pretty much the entire morning away...

We went and got massages at the Red Dragon - I enjoyed mine a bit more than he did because I knew what to expect (he thought it would be more relaxing whereas we got accupressure massages).

Then we went and got pancakes and coffee and fresh apple juice:
Standard hazelnut latte. 
Unfortunately this wasn't as delicious as it looks - the coffee tasted burnt which was unfortunate. 

But they definitely made up for it with these blueberry pancakes. Nomnomnom. 
J had the strawberry. 

And then we went and watched Hangover 2. 
Which was pretty funny, and was good for a laugh. 

If only all Monday's were this good!!
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