Monday, June 25, 2012

Skincare Goody Haul!!

(NB: This post is very picture heavy!)

So at the moment, Priceline has this amazing deal on with skincare!
Check out their website for details.

Basically, the deal is spend $50 on participating brands and receive a goodie bag!! The best part about this is that it CAN be used in conjunction with other offers. I spent about $60, because most of the participating brands also had their own sales, including % off and buy x get x free deals.

So this is my Priceline haul!! Not all of this came in the goodie bag, some of it was what I purchased, and some of it (e.g. the Bronzer and the nail polish) aren't actually skincare so they won't be in this post. See here for my review of the nailpolish.

More detail after the jump:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nail of the Week #1

Please excuse my inability to colour within the lines...

Today I tried a more "demure" colour than I usually opt for. 

The mushroom-y colour is 820 - storm with the silver on the ring finger being the 860 - metallic. 

I really love Revlon's nail polishes, and these ones aren't any different. 
Stormy applies really smoothly, and only takes 2 coats to get a nice finish. The colour doesn't streak at all. 
The metallic literally took one coat, it is super pigmented. I was really surprised when I brushed it on, as I wasn't expecting it to be so full on. 
I'm not sure if this colour would be too much to wear on all nails, all at once but I do like the way it complements stormy. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Courtesy of ABC

That's right!!

Guess who's tweet got published QandA last night!!!

Such a shame that Joe fucking Hildebrand's face was on screen at the time though. Here he was making some stupid point that to be an atheist is to have an incredibly lazy view point of the world, as opposed to being agnostic which apparently isn't as lazy. He argued that he doesn't "get" what atheists are trying to prove to the world (because apparently the only reason anyone believes anything is to prove something to others). 
His point was that "billions and billions and billions" of people can't be wrong, and that because the need to believe in something is apparently inherent in humans that in itself creates God. 

That actually makes zero sense. God wasn't created because people necessarily need to believe in something. Religion has mostly been used as a means of teaching, of explaining things that people didn't have the capacity at that point to understand, and as a means of justifying political action. 

If you have faith in something and you use that as an emotional crutch, then power to you. If you can't believe that God doesn't exist because the fact that we are mere specks in this massive universe of ours scares you, then that's pretty pathetic. 
I think that the fact that I am such a tiny, insignificant speck of carbon, no more important than you or another man or woman walking down the street, yet still I have the capacity to impact the world and change people's opinions and love and hate and make a difference in someone else's life is pretty magical. The things that Science has discovered about our planet alone should be enough to hold our attentions without the need to cheapen it with mythical creatures. 

Our universe is so amazingly, beautifully and magnificently complex and to me that is a greater miracle and mystery than any story or god man could ever make up. 


On another, more depressing, less philosophical note: today I lost my job. 
I wonder if I can add "Published tweet on QandA" to my resume?

Friday, June 15, 2012

1 exam down!

After copious amounts of studying...

and a few too many skype study sessions ... 

Torts is now done!

I finished the exam on Wednesday night, at 8pm. 
I ran out of time, and I'm absolutely positive I won't get the mark that I wanted (*sniffle*) but I will pass the subject, so that's something. 
I find it so frustrating that such a huge amount of my marks rely on my performance in the end of semester exams. It just seems like such a silly way to test someone's knowledge. I knew the content, I just didn't have time to apply it all properly!


Anyway, that night I celebrated with Brad:

We had some beers and played a Harry Potter drinking game. 

We ordered pizza. We were told to expect a 40 minute wait. So we punished the pizza man and payed the $23 or something all in shrapnel:

The best part about exams is when they're over. 
I spent yesterday arvo and most of this morning reading non-uni related books. 

And tonight I'm spending the night starting to study for my next exam, next Thursday. 

So close to freedom, I tells ya! 

I'll leave you now with this funny graffiti-ed poster we found at uni:


Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Favourite!!!

So as promised, here is my Friday Favourites list!
I maybe missed last week...uhm, sorry about that.

Only a short one this week, though. I've been chained to my desk all week which is never a pleasant.
Not only that, but I've had heaps of drama following the games I refereed last weekend (and abandoned...) I don't even know if that's interesting though, so I don't know if I'll update you on all that crap.

But basically, not loving that much stuff at the moment. Not having the opportunity to love that much stuff.


I've heard this one isn't a proper BB cream. But that's fine with me, since I bought it to be a tinted moisturiser. Which is exactly what it does. It matches my skin tone perfectly, and I love that it's SPF 15 too!


I know how bad these are for you, blah blah blah. But I really need it with all the study I'm doing atm :(


This is delightful when I'm craving something sweet and sugar-laden. 


If you follow me on twitter or on instagram you'll know what's inside this box. 
If you don't....then you're just going to have to wait and see ;)


OOTD and FOTD - European Winters

Haven't done an outfit post in a while!! 
This was from Wednesday, when it was FREEEEEEZING cold and I had to trek it down to Wollongong for a 2 hour Chinese exam (which I was 45 minutes late for - FUCK YOU shittyrail!!)

Please excuse the dodgy bathroom shots. 
I tried to fix it and make it less obvious with my less-than-fantastic photo editing skills...

  • LEE jeans
  • ASOS Coat
  • Dotti jumper
  • Glassons skivvy (can't see)
  • Miss Shop beanie

Neutral-y make up. 
Wearing Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint. 

My hair is so ugly at this length. DESPERATE for a hair cut. 
I'm so skint at the moment though, and so time-poor. I hate you uni :(

What are your tricks for staying warm in these freezing temps?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Do!!

Sad to say, I didn't make it to the rally this morning. 
You know what's so messed up though? When I was 14 and in year 9, I was at rallies at Town Hall for the EXACT SAME THING. 

This should not even still be a topic for discussion. 

Sign the petition here to voice your support for equal marriage:


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

(nearly) Wordless Wednesday...

How crazy has the weather been lately?

1) view from the window next to my desk yesterday
2 & 3) crazy waves at beaches along the south coast witnessed from my train ride this morning. I've never seen the water get so white and foamy!
4) wind broke our window. DIY fix FTW.
5) ducks at uni loving the rain
6) keep on studyin'

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Product Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Yesterday I may have spent some more money at Priceline...
No doubt I will update on the other products in a later post....

Cailin had been asking me for a while about whether I'd read much about the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips, and to be honest I'd never really looked into it. But there was a sale on yesterday, buy 2 get 1 free, so I thought I'd try them out. 

I bought Sticks and Stones (on the right) and Fingerlace Gloves (on the left). 

In a bid of procrastination, I tried out Sticks and Stones last night..

  • It looks fucking sick. 
  • It comes with a little nail file which is colour coded so the instructions can explain how to use it. There's a rough part (hot pink), a rough-but-smoother part (light pink), and a side that's for buffing before putting the strips on. (white). I love that the instructions were so easy to follow with this. 
  • One nail strip had enough for two nails. 
  • They're supposed to last like 2 weeks. Obviously I only put mine on last night, so no review as to life-span yet. Will update later! 
  • Because they take no time to dry, they're quicker to apply than nailpolish! 
  • Also - love that there's no need for a base or top coat!
  • I love that each nail gets a different pattern - it creates for an overall funkier, edgier look. 

  • Although it came with instructions, it was a bit tricky to put them on for the first time. After the first few nails though, it wasn't difficult at all. 
  • I have square nails so I had to peel off some bits around the edges to make it fit properly. This had to be done very carefully, as I was scared the whole thing would come off (which it didn't. Applying pressure to the strip helped it bind to my nail again)
  • The light pink side of the nail file was for trimming the excess off the nail when applying it. I couldn't get it to do that though, so carefully tore it. 
  • Although it's great the strips come in different sizes, the "thumb" sizes are just way too big, so I probably won't get to use them. This meant I ran out of strips for my pinky nail and my thumb nail (see above photo). I'm sure though that if I do it again properly and account for this, I will have enough. 
  • The price. It's a little hard to justify spending =/= $16 for them...If you were going to try them, I'd try looking online because now that I have looked, they're about $6 overseas. 

I LOVEEEE these!! They look awesome, and so far have help up well. 
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