Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Her Fashion Box: December

This month, HFB teamed up with the Collective in their latest designer collab, to bring out this cool ipad case. I love the typography (created by the super talented Jasmine Dowling), and that the case is slightly padded to protect your ipad!


There was such a good mix of products in this month's box, it was definitely like having Christmas come early!


Pretty impressed on the beauty front; 
We received a full sized (500mL) natural body-wash in desert lime and wild orange flavour made in Australia with all Australian, natural ingredients. (RRP $7.99)

Another paw-paw lip balm, this time from Brauer (RRP $5.50). This particular lip balm seems a bit more "liquidy", with a thinner consistency than other pawpaw balms I've used in the past. It has no scent or flavour, and also contains shea butter, honey and almond oil, making it really hydrating.
We also received sachet samples of the Transformulas Eyelifting Gel and Marine Miracle Creme. I hate sachet samples, and I hate sachets even more when they're samples of skincare. There's not usually enough in the sachet to really test out how the skincare works with your skin. I will save these for when I'm travelling and don't want to de-pot a moisturiser / pack my eye cream.

The most impressive inclusion in the box is the Sensationail gel nail-polish starting kit, with a RRP of $49.99. I received the hot pink colour, Na-no way. I think the most exciting thing about this kit is that it uses an LED light, rather than UV. 
Full disclosure: I've tried using this on four different occassions and can not get the nailpolish to stay on my nails. It peels off after less than half an hour. I have tried varying the thickness of the coat, and it doesn't seem to matter how thin I apply it, or how many coats I do I just cannot get it to stick. If anyone has any application tips, holla at me because I'm getting pretty frustrated with this right now, and starting to think it might be the lamp itself.

The final fashion item received is this crystal necklace, with a RRP of $19.95. This is not really my style and I think the white plastic is a bit tacky-looking.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Her Fashion Box: November


I received the November HFB well into December,  so apologies for this being seemingly late. I didn't receive the HFB Magazine in my box, so I have no idea what these products are valued at.


Jewellery items this month...I love the simplicity of both of these pieces. The bangle is really pretty on and looks like two straight gold bracelets.. I am in two minds about the necklace - there's no clasp so the bar just feeds through the ring and then hangs. It's pretty, but I don't like that the length can easily change / the necklace can come undone. I think this would have been so much nicer with the bar as a pendant and a clasp to actually keep the necklace on.


HFB have released their own version of the "tangle teezer". I hate this style of hairbrush as it absolutely destroys my fine hair, so this one will be a miss for me. If this type of brush works well for your hair, then you will probably love this. 
We also received two cookies from  Byron Bay Cookies - I love these cookies so was pretty pleased to see them in my box. 
Onto the beauty products, and we received a lipstick from Coral Colours. I received a cool-toned red. I'm not really a fan of the scent of this product, but the staying power is better than I expected it to be.


In other beauty products... more press-on nails. These are the type you get as a kid in "play makeup sets", where you peel off the backing sheet and stick it directly on to your nail. Apparently you just need to peel the nail off to remove, so I hardly see them lasting long. The colour is really pretty though and I can see these being used if you were in a rush and didnt have time to apply nailpolish. These come in a durable plastic container as well, which is nice. 

Lastly, I also received a bee venom and active manuka honey eye cream from Bee-Bio. I'm not allergic to bees, yet the thought of this being infused with bee venom kind of scares me. This product smells really nice though, and I'll definitely give it a try.
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Recently, in Pictures #60

J and I did something a little different the other week and had a trip out to Taronga Zoo! I haven't been there since I was a child, so it was great to be able to spend some time together doing someyhing fun. I got to practice taking animal portraits too, which I love. My Dad came along with us as well which was really nice. The same day I smashed my brand new, 3-day old phone when it fell out of my camera bag onto the floor. The screen was so obliterated that the touch screen wouldn't work, so it ended up costing $340 to fix, which fucking sucks. 

I'm simply loving all the free time I have had since exams finished (although I've worked every day since, so still keeping plenty busy). Catching up with magazines and reading  for leisure will always be amongst my favourite past-times. I've been reading Donna Tartt's 'Goldfinch', and am about halfway though. This book is quickly shaping up to be one of my favourites (big call!!).


Does anyone else get as excited as me when Starbucks' festive drinks arrive in store? The peppermint mocha frapp is my favourite - it's also ridiculously overpriced so that definitely stems my consumption. 
J and I headed out to breakfast at Brooklyn Hide in Surry Hills - very much recommend their bagels and cold pressed apple juice.

And for those who don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I had a bit of a poling accident last week and broke my wrist :( My pole studio was having an Open Night on Friday the 5th, and I had been working so hard on my routine for it. On Thursday night I stayed back in the studio after my stretch class to run through my routine and get some feedback. Which was stupid, because it was way too hot and humid that night, and my hands were far too sweaty. 

There's one part of my routine where, with full energy, I run from one pole to the other and do this spin (on a static pole). Except instead of grabbing on to the pole, my hand was so sweaty that I slipped straight off and broke my fall with my right arm flexed behind me. Fucking ouch.
Jen, my dance teacher, drove me to St Vincent's hospital where it was confirmed (after 5 hours of waiting and listening to the girl behind me who had a throat infection complain incessantly that they were taking too long) that I had snapped my radius.

I currently have a plaster cast on, which is horribly heavy, but I get a proper fibreglass one first thing tomorrow morning yay! Thanks to a mix of  my body mending a broken bone and the narcotics I'm on for the pain, I've spent most of the weekend asleep. I'm constantly frustrated at the little things I can't do, and more frustrated at how long it takes to do everything left handed (including typing). Patience is a virtue, and apparently one I don't have. J has had to learn the difference between a tight, high ponytail and a loose, low ponytail. He sucks at it, and pulled half my hair out the first time, but he's learning, which I appreciate.

On Saturday I met Kristina Karlsson, founder of Kikki-K (and I guess technically, my boss? Haha) She was lovely, as always!

What have you been up to lately? Leave me TV and movie recs!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Instagram Photo Challenge!

This December I've teamed up with some great creative minds, and we've come up with the Instagram December Beauty / fashion photo challenge!
We wanted it to be Christmas themed, fashion themed and beauty themed, but vague enough for anyone to take part!!
I'll be posting each day, all month long - you can join in too by using the #beautyfashionplay hashtag. I'm so excited to see what everyone comes up with for our prompts!

Check out the IG's of the other girls: Christel, Jess, Therese, and Sammy! And of course, you can find my instagram here!

Please let me know if you start playing along, I would love to follow you!

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