Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Starting to Feel Like Christmas

I really love my job.
I won't lie, sometimes I do whinge about getting up in the morning to have to go to work (my boyfriend can testify to this), but I am blessed to work with such great people.

Working in a little office means we're all quite close. There are a lot of inside jokes, and playful teasing of one another.

I was so excited to bring my little Christmas presents to work yesterday and hand them out. Although they were only little, I wanted to show them that I really did appreciate them for putting up with me all year, and making work so enjoyable.
I was blown away when I was given these presents today:

When I got to work this was all wrapped up and on my desk waiting for me from D!
It's a heap of little inspiring quotes. It's such a lovely thought, and I think I'll put it on my bedside table when I get home.

Just after midday my boss came in and gave me this!!!
I feel so blessed to work with such amazing people who care about me.

For dinner tonight I went to Stone Fish in Cronulla with a good friend and her boyfriend. 
Image courtesy of google images. 

It was great, we had sangria accompanied with cooking our own steak on one of those super hot volcanic rocks, which is always a novelty in itself. 
I was so happy I got to see them before I went away. 

And even though I have gotten home quite late, I need to pack my bags for my adventure to Canberra / Queensland for Christmas / NY.  

So if I don't write in this space until after the 3rd, know that I'm out living a life (ha ha).
And to my readers,

Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year!

I hope it's fantastic for you.

Monday, December 20, 2010


This is why I have not posted much lately:


I took my little sister to see Linkin Park on the 15th Dec. 
I had every intention of coming on here and writing a review about it. 
But! I was going to give them a negative review. And I think I spend a lot of my time criticising everything, so I'm trying hard not to do that. 

On Saturday (the 18th December) my boyfriend and I went to the No Sleep til Sydney festival. 
We saw quite a few of the acts that were playing, and overall it was quite a good afternoon. 
NOFX were ah-mazing (as usual!!) The shirt I was wearing got absolutely destroyed (nothing safety pins can't fix) and I did some damage to my shoulder. These are not complaints though! 3 inches of blood were also another highlight of the day. 
We caught some of Megadeth's show ... the sound wasn't too good. I wasn't really that impressed, which was a bit disappointing. But I'm going to put it down to it being a festival, and maybe they'd be better if it was their own show. I don't know.

(I have already finished 3.5 of these)

Currently I am reading the Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons, which came highly recommended to me by some friends. It's funny coz I am reading these in order from the bottom up. I will comment more on this later I think.
At the moment I am working full time. So obviously that is taking up a lot of my time. But it's good because it means I can afford to pay my rent and buy lots of people presents. 

New wardrobe 
If you didn't know, I have lived without a wardrobe since June. 
Which is quite a long time. 
I have a picture rail in my room, and hung my clothes up along that, which looked kinda cool, but it was kind of frustrating having my clothes on display for everyone who came over. 
That, and I'd get sick of things just from looking at them all day, even though I maybe only wore them once or twice. 
It's also good that I now have them tucked away where the sun / dust can't get to them. 
I am very happy about this. 

So I've been spending quite a lot of money this year on Christmas. 
I can't really say much else because it will give away things, but I can say that I am going to Canberra to celebrate with my boyfriend and his family. 
As such, I will not be back in Sydney until kinda late on the 28th of December. 

... and then I am heading to Brisbane at like 5am on the 29th. 
So if I don't blog for a while, that is why. 



Friday, December 17, 2010

Rebel, Rebel your face is a mess

Cross out those which you've done:

  • graduated high school.
  • smoked a cigarette.
  • kissed someone.
  • gotten so drunk you passed out.
  • ridden every ride at an amusement park.
  • collected something really stupid.
  • gone to a concert.
  • helped someone.
  • gone fishing.
  • watched four movies in one night.
  • gone long periods of time with out sleep.
  • lied to someone.
  • snorted cocaine.
  • failed a class.
  • dealt drugs.
  • been in a car accident. (really minor)
  • been in a tornado.
  • done hard drugs.
  • watched someone die.
  • been to a funeral.
  • burned yourself.
  • run a marathon.
  • cried yourself to sleep.
  • spent over $200 in one day.
  • flown on a plane.
  • cheated on someone.
  • been cheated on.
  • written a 10 page letter.
  • gone skiing.
  • been sailing.
  • cut yourself.
  • had a best friend.
  • lost someone you loved.
  • shoplifted something.
  • been to jail.
  • dangerously close to being in jail.
  • had detention.
  • skipped school.
  • got in trouble for something you didn’t do.
  • stolen books from the library.
  • gone to a different country.
  • dropped out of school.
  • watched the “harry potter” movies.
  • had an online diary.
  • fired a gun.
  • gambled in a casino.
  • had a yard sale.
  • had a lemonade stand.
  • actually made money at the lemonade stand.
  • been in a school play.
  • been fired from a job.
  • taken a lie detector test
  • swam with dolphins.
  • gone to sea world.
  • voted for someone on a reality tv show.
  • written poetry.
  • read more than 20 books a year.
  • gone to europe.
  • loved someone you shouldn’t have.
  • used a coloring book over age 12.
  • had stitches.
  • taken a taxi.
  • seen the washington monument.
  • had more than 5 im’s/online conversations going at once.
  • overdosed.
  • had a drug or alcohol problem.
  • been in a fist fight.
  • suffered any form of abuse.
  • had a hamster.
  • pet a wild animal.
  • used a credit card.
  • gone surfing in california.
  • done “spirit day” at school.
  • dyed your hair.
  • gotten a tattoo.
  • had something pierced.
  • gotten straight a’s.
  • been on the honor roll.
  • known someone with HIV or AIDS.
  • taken pictures with a webcam.
  • started a fire.
  • gotten caught having/going to a party while parents were gone

Monday, December 6, 2010


I'm so excited about Christmas this year!
I'm not usually this excited, but I've organised my time well this year so I'm not stressing out too much about it!

I've almost finished all my christmas shopping (the rest will be done by Wednesday!), my work's Christmas party is on Saturday, and today one of the girls I work with helped me set up our work's Christmas tree!

After I took these photos we did add some more red decorations, so it looks a bit fuller. But overall I think it looks pretty amazing. I also added some tinsel to my desk!

This is making me want to get a Christmas tree for my apartment!
As I said, I've almost completed all of my Christmas shopping, and of course I've wrapped it all. To have all the presents sitting under a tree will look so cute!

So as I was saying, I am very excited about Christmas / New Years this year!
I'm going to have breakfast with my grandparents and my family on Christmas Eve morning, then head off to Canberra in the afternoon with boyfriend, and will be spending Christmas and a few days in Canberra with him and his family.

Then for New Years I will be in Brisbane, visiting my mum's side of the family.
On the 1st January we're having the spreading of the ashes ceremony for my uncle, who passed away in May this year.

It'll be good to see my family in Queensland, and spend time with J's family over Christmas, since I don't get to see much of either due to how far away everyone lives!
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