Thursday, March 29, 2012


So if you follow me on twitter, you may have heard that I purchased a Clarisonic!!

This magical product has been around for quite a few years, although seems almost unheard of in Australia, so I'll quickly explain what it is, then outline my first thoughts of it. 

So basically it is a sonic cleanser for your face. There's the removeable brush head attached to the handle thing, which uses a "sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to cleanse the skin" (from the website). It claims to cleanse your skin 6 x better than manual washing alone. Which, I'll admit sounds like a bit of hype.

Unfortunately, it doesn't come cheap, so you wouldn't want to splash out for it and then be disappointed and a little bit poorer. This is definitely an investment product. 
I first heard about it almost 3 years ago, but could never justify the price to myself. But every review I've read of it raveeeeeees, so I thought "hell, let's try it out." carpe diem. 

I bought it on Friday night, and it had been shipped (free shipping) by Monday. Which is actually insanely quick. However, unfortunately the postman didn't leave a note card for me telling me he had come and gone. Luckily though Australia Post has online tracking! So I looked it up and saw it was at the post office, ran over and picked it up today. 

There's a few different models:

  1. Clarisonic Mia
  2. Clarisonic Classic
  3. Clarisonic Plus
I went for the Classic, as you can see on the photo above. 
This has 2 speeds and came with the following:

3 sample cleansing products, brush head and plastic cover, and charging dock. 

These are the cleaning products it comes with, all specially tailored for different skin types. None of them contain parabens, which is always a plus! and they all seem to have been made from natural ingredients. 

It also came with these two sample foundations from Dermalogica. I loveeee free samples!

You're supposed to charge it for 24 hours before first use, however it had a little bit of battery already loaded up so I took it for a quick whirl when I undid it from the packaging. Can you tell I'm incredibly impatient!!?

I used this one (gentle hydro cleanser for all/sensitive skins with aloe, cucumber and Japanese green tea) to trial it, as I have sort of got sensitive skin. 
The cleanser smells incredibly fresh, and like Cucumber. It's a thin sort of consistency, and you only need a tiny bit. 

So you wet your face and the Clarisonic brush head in warm water, I scrubbed in a bit of the cleanser and then you use the Clarisonic over it, in circular motions. 
It literally takes a minute to work - 20 seconds on your forehead / 20 seconds on chin and nose / 10 seconds on each cheek. 
The Classic (and I think the Pro?) version beeps after each 20 seconds / 10 seconds and stops for a second to indicate to you to move on to the next area. After the minute is up, it turns off. 
I think the Mia just works for a minute and then turns off, no beeping. 

Obviously I'm not going to get amazing results from the first use. But after that use this is what I noticed:
  • All make up has come completely off. (I went over an area with a cotton pad soaked in toner and it came up completely clear which never happens when I handwash my face)
  • My face was a bit red, but did feel incredibly silky smooth
  • I noticed my pores had opened up and some were a bit "pussy" (gross, I know). I think this is because the cleanse is so deep it really pushes the grime and crap out. 
  • I'm worried I will break out over the next day or two because of this (apparently some people experienced their skin doing a "purge"), but I'm confident that if it continues to cleanse deeply then soon I won't have any more grime to be pushed up and it will all clear up!
I will of course do an update after I've been using it for a bit longer, to give a more accurate review. Until then, enjoy these pictures. I'm loving it so far:


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guest Post: The Truth Against Captchas

Today I'm doing something a bit different. 
I've asked Mez from Blithely Unaware if I'm able to re-post this from her blog. 

This is an issue close to my heart (HAHA) and I think she has summed it up brilliantly. 
So read along, learn from her wisdom. 
And be swayed my dear readers. Because I fucking hate captchas, and am joining the revolution to fight them:

Here is the post as originally seen on Blithely Unaware:

Hi peeps... I feel it's time to address an issue, the issue of CAPTCHAS!!!! They drive me nuts!!! See that happy blogger tapping away at her keyboard writing a comment... she is HAPPY. She has another 382910382091 blogs to comment on (because she hasn't commented on blogs for an hour)... so she's multitasking, comment, comment, comment, submit, submit, submit... then....

Instead of the comment just going to approval or posting.... homegirl has to now write out a CAPTCHA!!!! SOMETIMES SHE CAN'T EVEN READ THEM!!!! SOMETIMES HER COMMENT DISAPPEARS AND SHE HAS TO START ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!

The truth is though, if you're approving your blogs then you can weed out the SPAM BURGERS and you don't need a pesky CAPTCHA!!! Usually Blogger-homie has the smarts anyway and weeds out the SPAM BURGERS for you!!!

So don't be scared!!!! Get rid of your CAPTCHAS and make commenting eeeeaaassssyyyyy!!! Just go to your security settings and you'll be toot sweet.

Many thanks in advance.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

What's in my ......


A slightly much nerdier version of the cliche' "What's In My Bag" post.
I have decided to show you what is inside my pencil case.
Brace yourselves.

Firstly, my pencil case. 

It fits everything perfectly:

Numerous coloured pens and highlighters 
Being a law student, with a lot of reading, this is obviously a necessity

I am a visual learner, so learn points and key ideas better when they're in colour or visually represented. (e.g. mind maps). 

I've tried every brand of highlighter there is, and I always revert back to these classics. They last for ages, they have a chisel tip and the colours aren't too bright / dark. Perfect.

Multiple pens and pencils. 

This is pretty much necessary for Mandarin. The pen at the top is a calligraphy-ink pen, for writing characters. White-out is obvious, as are the pencil and rubbers. 

I pretty much write exclusively in black, if I'm not writing in colour. I almost never use blue. I blame my English HSC teacher on this one - she reckoned that the examiners preferred black because it's easier to read in dim lighting, thus making it more likely I would receive better marks for my work. 
I'm going to say that one worked. 
Although it looks like an excessive amount of black pen, they all have their place. 

And of course, the post it notes / tabs. 
This is slightly excessive. What is even worse is that I have 3 whole stationery drawers in my room, each filled with some other type of post-it note. This is an expensive habit, which I'm currently in rehab for. 

Love these Typo post-its. 
What I dislike about them though is the writing on the "white" portion of the tab. It's great because you can mark a spot in your text, e.g. "IMPORTANT" but then you can't write why it's important because there's stupid "important" written on the white bit. Not to mention that it's printed wrong, so that when it's tabbed in your book it actually ends up upside down. Fail. 

Avery tabs. Perfect for noting topics in textbooks for exams. 
Slim post-its - perfect for marking anything. 

I also love these Kikki-K study notes tabs, and bought them before the typo ones. Unfortunately the glue used for them isn't very strong and they usually fall out of my book. Fail. 

Arrows, more tabs, more post-its. 
I told you, it's a ridiculous addiction. 

What's your pencil case look like?
I'd love for you to do this post too! If you do, link to it in the comments - I'd love to check it out!

Sign up here to play along:


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food Porn...

Food from the last month or so...

I have eaten so many omelettes lately. 
This is my favourite, and will post the recipe soon!

Vitamin Gum lol. 
Saw this in 7/11 and was intrigued so bought some. Apparently it gives you vitamins as you chew. It tastes okay...

For my brother's 15th birday we went to Mancini's Pizza / Italian Restaurant. 

Little Bro had the tortellini bosciola. This is the only food he ever orders at Italian restaurants. 

I had the tomato gnocchi...hahaha I can't remember exactly what it was, because it was at the beginning of last month but it was DIVINE. I love fresh made gnocchi. It's a million times better than store-bought!

And tiramisu for dessert. 

Here are the promised photos from Sian's 21st.

Tomato and goats cheese entree. 
The goats cheese was not that delicious.

This was the soft shell crab entree. I didn't have this one, but I heard it was delicious.

The main - lamb. 
These cuts of meat were disgusting. The entire piece was either bone or fat, rendering it inedible. Very unimpressed.

And this was the dessert. Presentation is kinda weird, but it was actually pretty delicious. 

Fruit flan, birthday cake :)

The other week, J's brother was in Sydney and took us out to the Bavarian Bier Cafe. 
We went on a Sunday night, so it wasn't busy at all. 

Steak, with garlic mash, veges and garlic butter. YUM.

J's schnitzel with cheese (sort of like a parmigiana).


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Past Week or Two in Photos #2

Over the weekend...

J tried to emulate the amazing drink he had in Bali and whipped these up. 
They were so fruity and delicious.
Testing the concoction. 
Like I said, it's an amazing drink. 

Amazing comments in MX's Vent this week. 
This one actually made me laugh out loud. Touche'. 

This semester, I have classes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
My Thursday classes begin at 8.30am, which is super early. 
If I were to attend these classes from home, I'd have to wake up at about 5am, which is not on considering I have classes all day until 3.30pm. 
SO! To combat this issue Cailin has kindly offered up the spare bedroom in her house to me on Wednesday nights! 
The above pictures are of her little doggy, Archie. He is adorable, and one of the best study buddies ever. 

Angry looking skies on the way to Cailin's this afternoon, after uni. 
Contrast this to...

Gorgeous skies in Sydney on Tuesday!
Honestly, I just can not keep up with this weather! 

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend one of my really good friend, Sian's 21'st birthday. 

On my way to Manly. 
Loveee this red lipstick. 
'Are you red-dy' by Maybelline. 

Manly Beach. 

The view from the restaurant. 

The absolutely gorgeous birthday girl (on the left), with another of our friends (on the right)

I did take some photos of the food, however will share them in another food-related post. 

On the weekend, J got some new fishies!
They are absolutely adorable:

This is Phineas. He was the first fish we ever got, almost 2 years ago! 

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