Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Colour Theory Nails: Spring Collection*

As Sydney is finally starting to get some cooler weather, I'm holding on to thoughts of warmer days with this Spring Collection of nail colours from Colour Theory's SS range "Gelato Dreams"

These are bright, pastel nail colours, that will set you back $4 at any Guardian or AMCAL pharmacy. 
These are made in Australia, are formaldehyde free, are really fast-drying and fairly long lasting.  

L-R: Cool Capri, I Love Bubbelgum, Pistachio Party

These particular colours are a little on the thinner side consistency-wise (especially compared to some other Colour Theory colours I own), but build up to be nice and opaque with a few thin layers. 

I like the packaging of the nailpolish bottles, it reminds me a lot of the Australis nail packaging. The brush bristles are quite short and thin, so it is easier to paint on multiple thin layers, rather than one thick layer. 

The wear time is about three days before chips begin to show; I'm quite rough with my hands as well, so I feel this is pretty good wear time. 

The biggest win for this polish is definitely the price; at only $4 a bottle, you can afford to experiment with colours; and the best thing is, the formula doesn't feel like a "cheap" nailpolish. 

Disclaimer: These polishes were sent to me for editorial consideration by the lovely people at "Colour Theory". They have in no way influenced this review and all opinions are my own. See my disclaimer for further details. 

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Review: The Face Shop, Foot Mask

Now, if I'm honest, I really don't appreciate my feet enough. I put them through a lot, and they never complain. So when I saw this mask at the Face Shop, I thought it would be good to pick it up and treat my tootsies. 

All the instructions are in Korean, but they do provide some helpful pictures.

All of the liquid stays inside the mask, meaning you can pop on the "socks", and continue to walk around the house and do stuff without worrying about making a mess. 
The mask has a bit of a "chemical" scent to it - not offensive, but not great either. However, after they were on my feet (which is obviously a fair way away from my nose) I hardly noticed the scent. 
The moisturiser contained in the socks is quite a thin, watery consistency. I was a bit dubious at first - how could this be moisturising if it was so watery? 

I left the mask on for about 15-20 minutes, and when I took them off, I just rubbed the excess in. My feet were left feeling really moisturised, and really really soft. My callouses were still present (Which for foot protection, is a good thing I guess), but my actual feet just felt so nice. 

I can't remember how much the masks retail for, but they were pretty inexpensive, so I feel these are a good option for a cheap, effective at-home pampering session. 

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Shopping my stash: Ciate Nailpolish in Ivory Queen

Money's been a bit tight around here lately, which means I've been making a conscious effort to "shop my stash". I was looking for a nude polish to wear for work - although I love bright polish, sometimes I think it's just a bit more/ profesh to wear nude nails to court. 

I found this Ciate mini in "Ivory Queen" in my collection, and after trying it out, I've fallen in love. 

"Ivory Queen" is part of Ciate's "Complexion Collection", and is designed to suit all skin-tines. This particular colour is a warm pink and has the slighest shimmer - almost invisible, but adds a really nice sheen. 

This polish is a little bit streaky, and works best when applied with multiple, thin coats. It lasts fairly well, about a week (with top coat) before chipping. 

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March Goals


- Finish 3 books
I actually read four books last month, which means I'm way on track for my reading goal for the year. Hoping to keep up the momentum through March. 
- Perform at my pole studio's Open Night showcase
Yes! I'm so happy that I got this one ticked off. It's been so long since I've been on stage, it was so great to be back out there. I was really happy with how my performance went, and already starting to think of the next show. 
- Clear off our bedside table
I just didn't get around to this during February, so will be moving this to March. 
- Edit our NZ photos
Again, didn't get around to this. Moving it to March. 
- Stretch 5x a week
- Get back into a regular blogging upload schedule
I'm still struggling a little bit with managing my time with blogging. I'm spending so much of my free time training these days that I'm not having time for much else. I think I need to work out a better schedule because I really miss blogging and want to get back into it. 
- Print photos for my work photo frame
- Sort already printed photos into photo box. 

- Host a board game night
- Clear off and out my bedside table
- Cook a new recipe
- Read 3 books 
- Go rock-climbing
- Sort already printed photos into photo box
- Edit NZ photos 
- PIF the clothes I've culled from my wardrobe.

Probably a bit ambitious this month, but I need to get my shit together. How are you going with your new years resolutions and goal setting? Any tips for time management? 

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