Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Uni Results!

Uni Results have been released, and I can proudly say I have successfully completed my first year of law and am now 1/5 of a lawyer! Yay!

I have also enrolled in my subjects for next year - I'll be picking up subjects from my Arts Degree as well - having a bit of variey in the way of thinking will be good, I think.
I'm enrolled in subjects in politics and mandarin!
I am a little nervous about learning an entirely new language - and one that is so difficult, but I'm also excited. It'll definitely be beneficial for me in the future to have even a background in another language, and as over 2 billion people in the world currently speak Mandarin, and with China set to become the next world superpower, I think it'll give me an edge over other prospective employees when I leave uni. Even if I decide I only want to minor in it, I should have a good overall understanding in the language.
Boyfriend keeps trying to convince me to pick a different subject, because of the challenge that learning a language presents and he doesn't want me to burn out or take on too much - BUT the only other subject I would pick is history, and I would be doing that strictly out of interest. Not very beneficial for later in life.
Plus, the assessments will be a relief, I won't be doing a million essays and exams, I'll have some spoken assessments as well.

Anyway, I'm rambling a bit. The point is, I have successfuly completed first year, and can now actually relax these hols (or start looking for a second job and save more moneys)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I did it.
I saw it.
On Tuesday, I went with some friends to go see Harry 7.1.
My hesitation in seeing it due to the crowds was not unwarranted - a woman had brought her three year old to the cinemas to see it. Why anyone would take a 3 year old to see this movie is beyond me, but apparently people do this sort of thing. Anyway, we were sitting at the back, because one of my friends is in a wheelchair. So we were kind of cut off from the rest of the crowd, which was great. BUT, this mother and her demon child kept running up the aisle. The mother just stood at the back while her child ran around our seats, screaming and jumping on furniture. The mother did NOTHING to try and discipline her child.
Talk about frustrating.

Anyway, onto the actual movie -
I have learnt that I will always, to some degree, be disappointed with the HP film franchise.
Although overall the film did a pretty good job of bringing the book to life, with excellent cut scenes, and a steady pace that didn't make the film feel like 2 and a half hours, there were parts I was unhappy about. Since I am cynical and this is a critique, I will be pointing out the parts I didn't like, rather than raving about how amazing it was. (even though overall, it was quite amazing).

BTW, if you haven't seen it, or read the books, maybe stop reading because I will probably inadvertently give something away.

(ETA) The first part I thought was peculiar was when the characters are all at the Dursley's house and Mad-Eye pulls out the polyjuice potion. In the book, when they add Harry's hair to the concotion it turns gold, which obviously is meant to show how important / good / special he is or whatever, but I did notice this was cut from the movie. Harry did come across as a bit of a self-righteous brat in this movie, so maybe the director cut that part intentionally to fit in with that?
Okay, the first part I was unhappy about was just after they leave the Dursley's, and in mid-air, the death eaters come chasing after Harry. Of course, they're not meant to know who the 'real' Harry is. When they get back to The Burrow, Mrs Weasley asks Harry and Hagrid what gave him away. In the book, it's because Harry shouts out 'expelliarmus', and the death eaters see this as his "trademark" spell. The screenwriters changed this though and added "Oh, Hedwig flew at me, was trying to protect me and that's how they knew". (not actually quoting dialogue here)
I HATE that they did this!
Firstly, there was meant to be discussion about how they were dealing with really dark forces, and spells like 'expelliarmus' just wouldn't cut it anymore. This scene was really important, it was indicative of the fact that the trio had grown up, that they weren't in Hogwarts anymore and that shit was getting serious.
Secondly, I feel that blaming Hedwig for giving Harry away kind of felt like they were saying she deserved to die. Which is horrible!
I don't think this was intentional, obviously, but this was how it came across to me.

(ETA): also! Mad-Eye's death was so overlooked! A quick "oh btw Mad-Eye's dead" from one of the Weasley twins and "oh that's unfortunate, let's carry on with no reflection or sadness" My boyfriend, who I saw the movie with the second time completely missed this whole death from happening, which I think was really unfortunate as Mad-Eye was an important character and such an amazing wizard.

I think that there should have been more emphasis on Xenophilius Lovegood wearing the deathly hollows symbol at the wedding. Of course, in the books Krum shows up and gets all crazy saying how it's the mark of Grindelwald. The argument that ensued was completely cut from the scene and the movie, which was a little disappointing.

Speaking of the Lovegood's, I also think that the scene at their place could have been done better. The whole crumple horn snorack debacle was cut out, which I think emphasised their oddness. And I was looking forward to seeing Luna's room with the "friends" written over and over in gold writing, but that never happened.

(ETA): There were so many parts that were just so briefly done and so rushed. Ron got so angry and left Harry and Hermione and it just appeared that he had snapped out of nowhere - it wasn't really made that clear that the locket was making them act all crazy.
I did like that they tried to remind us that characters which were once really important were still around - Malfoy, Neville, Ginny... The scene on the Hogwarts Express didn't really seem to add much to the plotline though.
The use of the radio was stupid as well. There was no explanation as to what it was, and no mention that it was run by students from Hogwarts still in "Dumbledore's Army". It added nothing to the plot line, if anything they should have just gotten rid of it.
And Dan and Emma's dancing scene! wtf was the point of that!?
I liken that to the "I am Woman, Hear me Roar" scene in SATC 2...unnecessary and ridiculous.

I'm going to comment briefly on Daniel Radcliffe's acting...or lack thereof.
I was disappointed with his lack of emotion, especially over Hedwig and Dobby's death.
As one of my close friends pointed out, people deal with loss and grief differently, and fair enough.
Hedwig was just brushed aside, and although there was that sweet memorial for Dobby, it didn't appear that Daniel actually felt anything.
But I get this feeling everytime he's meant to show anger or despair.

Anyway, these are only minor criticisms, and I was really looking forward to seeing them, which is maybe why I noticed that they were missing.
Like I said, I didn't go in expecting that the movie would do the book the greatest amount of justice, they never have. And there's only a certain amount you can add in the timeframe that they had. That being said however, I did think that there would be closer attention to detail in this one considering they split it across two movies.

Oh and a note on that - the ending of part one was brilliantly done.

Let me know what you thought of the movie?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It was my flatmate's birthday on Monday.
I'm the worst friend ever, and completely broke at the moment, so I made her some brownies as a gift, using the most amazing brownie tray ever.

I know from this it doesn't look like anything too amazing, but basically, there's lots of different parts to it. Firstly, the bottom lifts out. Which is really useful when getting the damn brownies out of the pan. Obviously, I lined the tray with baking paper, because that's what you do when you bake...
I won't lie...I did cheat and use a packet recipe. Only because of the previous disasters I've had with baking. It's almost impossible to screw up a box recipe, and they always taste fantastic.
Don't judge me.
All mixed up, with the water, oil and eggs added.

This is where it gets really cool, the brownie tray comes with this divider thing. So you pour the mixture into the pan, and then place this on top, so when they come out of the oven they're all individually cooked, and come out pre-cut, and all the same size. It's amazing, they all come out gooey, rather than the edges being burnt and the middle being the only good ones. 
Masterchef effort!?

Xmas Parties!

On Sunday night I accompanied my lovely boyfriend to the JB HI-FI xmas party, held at Sweeney's Hotel, just near Town Hall. It has an excellent rooftop, with a great view of other buildings in the city. There were 10 stores in total, with a bar tab of approx $6000.

I did bring my camera, but I forgot to document the night because I was just having so much fun, meeting all of J's workmates.
This is what I wore anyway:
Black Best n Less top that I had cut up so it fit me a bit better.
The skirt is from Jay-Jays, like 3 years ago. I never used to like it because it does make my bum look a bit big with the way it's gathered around the waist. With the black shirt over the top though it does hide it, so I braved it.

 The pattern on the skirt ispretty cool. I didn't realise how blurry these photos were though! Sorry!

This is the necklace I wore, to give the shirt something interesting. 
My best friend M.A gave it to me for my birthday.

 Ring I wore on my right hand. I stole borrowed this from my flatmate. It sparkles, and it's so obnoxiously big, I love it.

And this one was given to me by my flatmate. I really like the intricate details on it. I think that together with the black / silver one on my left they helped to compliment my necklace. 

Nailpolish I'm wearing, is Rimmel's Lycra Pro in Riviera Red. 
It's my favourite nailpolish ever, as it stays on and doesn't chip for days. The brush is really big, so it's really easy to apply, even on your right hand. 

I also wore this handcuff bracelet, which my best friend M.A bougt back from Japan for me. It has my name engraved on it in Katakana. 
Pretty cool, huh!

Monday, November 22, 2010


This brightened my morning. Maybe it can do the same for you -

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wish List

Samara - Tony Bianco
Look at Me Dress - Sportsgirl
(I think maybe when I come into more money I will buy this for myself)

Blair Friller Dress - Sportsgirl

Gilmore Girls Season 2
with the original cover.
(to complete my collection!)
Lola - Marc Jacobs

Daisy - Marc Jacobs

Red pair: Zazou
top - $39.95
bottoms - $29.95

Black pair: MISS Shop
top - $24.95
bottoms - $24.95

I don't want both. I really only want the red one, but the black one is so much cheaper...

Khaki Shorts - MISS Shop

And I want new makeup because I'm running on almost empty.
hahaha as if I'll ever get any of it though with the state my bank account is currently in.


RSVP Etiquette

Are you seriously all so fucking busy that you don't have the time to properly reply to an invitation?
Are you that fucking important?

I don't know whether this is another consequence of the 21st century and all the technology that we have at our disposals to replace any form of actual human communication, or if people just weren't taught proper manners by their parents.

When creating an "event" on facebook, of course it has to be taken into consideration that some people are going to click 'attending' or 'maybe' just to get rid of the notification - even if they have no intention whatsoever of attending. Maybe this is fine when RSVP'ing to those 'spam' events that occasionally crop up. They used to drive me mental. Generally, one person would be trying to promote some club or some DJ or whatever, so will send out an event to every single person they are friends with. Frequently. Many times a week. I would click 'no' and delete the event from my page every time this happened.
Then when I realised they cared not for how annoying this practice was, I deleted them from my friends list.
Yes. I am that person on facebook.

Anyway, I digress. So, taking into consideration that some people will say 'yes' with no intentions of showing up, when I create an event I like to send a few messages out in the weeks leading up that go along the lines of "hey guys, can you please make sure you rsvp correctly so that I know how many people will be coming along to my house."
Knowing how many people you need to cater for is an integral part of catering / hosting an event.

Now, I like to give my guests plenty of notice that this event is happening. Usually about a month. That way, they can let their workplaces know they will not be available on this date, and plan other social eventswith my shindig in mind and blah blah blah.

AND THEN I make every effort to speak to my guests in person before the event, to either a) get confirmation of their attendance in person or b) let them give me their excuse.

So. When I held a celebratory end of exams / finishing first year law party the other day, I was absolutely furious that all my friends that had RSVP's on fb, and had told me IN PERSON THE DAY BEFORE that they were attending decided last minute that they didn't actually want to come.

I set the event for 6pm.
I had spent the last 4 hours cleaning my apartment up and making sure I had enough snacks to keep everyone happy.
At 5.50 - 6.10 cue the sms tone from my phone as all my friends text me the next excuse.

And there I was. Sitting in my bedroom, feeling incredibly fucking worthless because NOT ONE of my friends had the decency to let me know beforehand that they actually weren't going to show up.

See, the thing is, you might think it's okay to just reply last minute...but think about the poor host. Who has organised food for every person that clicked 'attending'. And who wasted their time making sure their apartment was worthy of your judgement. And basically who was excited to just spend a night with their friends.

And I started wondering ... is it me? Are they just pretending to be my friend?
I can be quite paranoid, and when faced with absolute rejection like this, my self-esteem takes quite a hit.

(If any of my friends who pulled this stunt are reading this: FUCK YOU.
I'm not going to pretend to be okay with it, because I'm not. I'm actually quite pissed at you.)

There was actually an article in last month's Vogue about how rude people are these days, especially in regards to RSVP'ing. And apparently, it is a phenomenon of frequent occurence. (Which made me hate myself a little less)

Is this the result of facebook / text messaging being the go-to form of communication? I've always been one to defend technology, because I love it and how much more accessible it has made me to my friends (even if sometimes that love is unrequited). But I've been thinking more and more recently that maybe it's not having that effect at all.

It's distancing me from my friends, who spend so much time online that they've forgotten the basic manners that get people through everyday life in the real world.

I apologise for this being quite the rant, but really guys wtf. Does this happen to anyone else?
Or is it really just me and my friends pretending to like me?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I've Only Been Waiting For this My Whole Life...

Tomorrow night I'll get to see my favourite band ever for the first time!
I've literally waited for this my whole life.


Saturday, November 6, 2010


Starring: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Mary Louise Parker, Helen Mirren

Boyfriend took me to go see this on Wednesday night. He had a job interview with Icon - an Australian film production and distribution company, and as this film is made by them we thought we'd check it out as "research".  I don't mind the odd action movie every now and again, and you can't really say no to the amazing cast - I love all of them!

The storyline was pretty solid - Willis as an ex-CSI agent named "retired, extremely dangerous" (RED)  forced out of retirement to stop an assassin from hunting him down.

There were explosions - as you would expect - but this wasn't the kind of movie where things blow up in almost every scene, and the main character ends up sleeping with the chick who's been following him throughout the entire film.
Don't get me wrong, there is elements of romance within the movie, namely between Willis and Parker, but it doesn't dominate the movie and it is sort of essential to the storyline, not just randomly thrown in somewhere towards the end. 
However, like boyfriend did point out - one criticism is that Parker's character does disappear for half the movie (which is explained but I'm trying not to give away too many details). We didn't really like this since we a) both love her, and b) thought her character was great.

Watching Mirren handle guns and be a ruthless killer was also kind of hilarious, and genius. 
What I did love about this movie was the comedic element - it was a genuine funny built up through character development and fantastic acting. Malkovich's performance is hilarious - I'd definitely pay to see it again.

Like I said - there were explosions (obviously as it's an action movie). But what made the film so strong and so well done (in my opinion, anyway) was that even in the most outrageous scenes (involving Malkovich shooting bullets so presciely that they blow up other bullets, and my favourite scene from the whole movie, where Willis just casually steps out of a car spinning out of control) the film never loses sight of the storyline, and the characters are all there for a reason. The dialogue is also great - generally, the character's don't just give away information for the sake of it, everything is linked pretty tightly.

Anyway, I know this review isn't written very well but that's because it's now 1am and I'm writing this as a break from studying about drug law.
The point is, I loved this movie, thought it was brilliant. It hasn't been marketed very well at all, and has kind of faded in the background behind "the social network", but I highly recommend you go see Red before you see that. Better actors, better story, just generally ... better.

(images all taken from imdb)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Double Denim

I found this old jacket at my dad's place. I think I owned it when I was like 10. It still fit me so I took it home with me. It was raining and cold yesterday so I thought I'd wear it.
I tried to pull off the double denim look, pairing it with my black jeans...

Maybe it worked? I'm not too sure. I'm still not even sure if I'm a fan of the double denim trend at all. Alexa Chung is in plenty of photos channeling the look, and I have to admit I love Ashley Olsen when she wears it:
That being said, I love anything the Olsen twins do...

Although I'm still unsure of whether I like it or not, I'm definitely not praising the trend's return. I think there's too much opportunity for it to go very wrong. (Hint: Obviously, don't wear the same colour on the bottom and top if you're going to try this at home. Or you'll look like you're straight out of the 80's.) There's too much opportunity for people who have no idea what they're doing to jump on the bandwagon and end up with the "denim suit", and as much as I believe people should dress how they feel, and have fun with what they wear, I'm also a huge believer in individuality, and this outfit is not exactly flattering on anyone. Like the return of the 80's fluro "statement" shirts, I don't want it to be the only outfit I see around my local shopping centre.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Carpe Diem,

"We are food for worms lads. Because believe it or not each and every one of us in this room is one day going to stop breathing, turn cold and die. "

Monday, November 1, 2010

I want to learn to do this...

Anyone know anywhere in Sydney that has lessons that aren't too expensy?

I'm addicted...

I know I'm late jumping on the vampire bandwagon, but I'm so addicted to this stupid series lately. I'm already almost halfway through season 2.
And almost every fucking episode ends on a cliff hanger, which is NOT GOOD for my university studies.
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