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Blog Tag!

Playing along with Gillian at I Came to Make a Bang, and tagging myself in her post!

First, the rules:-
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  2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
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Eleven Facts about myself:

  1. I am not a good cook.
    I don't read recipes properly, for some reason I'll always forget an important ingredient, or miss an important step. I never learned cooking in school so I don't have any of that "common sense" cooking knowledge that everyone else seems to just know. I am so lucky that my boyfriend knows how to cook though!
  2. Not many things frighten me. I am however, scared of mice and water.
    To the point where I don't go swimming, I don't enjoy baths. Showering is fine, as long as the water does not touch my face, so I'll give my face a good scrub before / after. I'm not too sure why any of this is, water just makes me very uncomfortable.
  3. Although raised as a Catholic, I am very much atheist.
    This is something that I sort of always knew but never really understood. I first started thinking about it when I was in year 7 or 8 in High School. I have done research into all different types of world religions, and religion is something I definitely do not believe in. I don't really agree with organised religion either, and I do wonder if this is something that makes me anti-theist. I'm not too sure. Still doing a bit of soul-searching on that one.
    All this being said, I absolutely loathe people who push their beliefs onto others, and I'm definitely not one to do that.
    I went through phases of thinking I was agnostic, because people seem to respond to that better than atheism. But I'm not. I am definitely atheist.
  4. I know everyone says that they loved Harry Potter when they were a kid, but I loved it before it was famous. (this statement is so hipster!)
    I don't think this means though that I adore the books more than anyone else, I just take a certain pride in knowing that I was the first of my group of friends to read them. I got the first 3 for my seventh birthday, before the 4th book was even released. My books are actually first edition copies, so that proves my statement.
    When I was in year 4 I got into an argument with my best friend of the time about whether Harry or Deltora Quest were better. She maintained DQ was infinitely better. Well...I guess we know who won that argument! (HA!)
  5. Although my boyfriend and I have never really fought, we get into plenty of debates.
    This is definitely important to me. I love being able to question and debate issues with him, and I love that we're both such passionate (and stubborn!) people.
  6. I met my boyfriend at Soundwave 3 years ago.
    While the Bloodhound Gang were playing, who is one of my favourite bands! I love our story!
  7. I am most definitely a cat person. 
    Although I don't mind little, well-trained dogs either. As long as they're not yappy and slobbery. Dogs don't understand the concept of personal space, and that bothers me.
  8. Although I have spent most of my life in Sydney, I moved around a lot as a kid.
    We moved to QLD for a brief period of time as well, when I was in yr 4, before moving back again. I've moved about 17 times in my life, and as a result (although I'm good at it) I absolutely hate it.
  9. I have issues with self-confidence and self-esteem. 
    Again, not too sure where these came from, although I have some idea. I was pretty outgoing as a kid and talked a lot, but that's scaled back quite a lot as I've gotten older and less sure of myself. I'm hoping I can fix that a bit this year.
  10. I love reading. 
    This is definitely a deal breaker for me. I don't understand how people can advertise quite happily that they hate reading, as I think it's an indication of small-mindedness. I love that J also likes reading. I also love that he reads very different books to me, because even though I wouldn't necessarily read them myself I like listening to him telling me all about the story and the characters.
  11. I almost always fall asleep in movies. 
    Unless they're really interesting, I just don't have the patience to watch films. And unless the character development is really good, I don't feel invested in the characters and thus don't care if I stay awake to find out what happens to them. 

  1. Do your family / friends know you blog?They do. I'm not sure if they read it, or if they even care though.
  2. How long have you known your best friend?
    I have known Megan since I was 4, although we've only really been best friends for the last 10-11 years. 
    I have known J for 3 years!
  3. If you had to choose, would you rather loose your vision or your hearing?
    Ooooh, this is a hard one! I think I'd prefer to lose my hearing because the technology is there to bring some hearing back, haha.
  4. What was the name of your first boyfriend?
    Jonno, haha. (Not who I am with now...I just have a thing for J's apparently!)
    Although I was devastated when he broke up with me (As it was quite out of the blue and we had been together for about a year), I was kinda also really upset that I wouldn't get to see his mum anymore. She only ever had boys, so was pretty delighted whenever I'd visit. We got along pretty well.
  5. In the event of a Zombie apocalypse, would you fight to LIVE or do what I would do, succumb to a life as a zombie to avoid the fear and living without nice things ha ha?I think J would make me fight to live for as long as possible. But I think it would also be pretty awesome to be a zombie.
  6. Would you rather be forced to watch 2.5 men, or the Brady Bunch for the rest of your life?
    I've never actually watched Brady Bunch, so I'm going to go with that!
  7. What are three qualities you admire in a person?
    Good sense of humour, honesty, passion. 
  8. How old were you when you got your first mobile phone?
    I got it the Christmas before I went into year 7, so I think 11. It was the first colour phone on the market (Gosh, that makes me feel old!) and it was more of a security thing than a "cool" thing. 
  9. Have you / Would you attend your 10 yr high school reunion?
    I probably would. 
  10. Did you ever sneak out of the house without your parents knowing?
    Nope! I did say I was places that I wasn't though, haha. 
  11. What was your most embarrassing moment ever?
    Oh, I don't get embarrassed. 
My 11 Questions for you to do:

1. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
2. What inspired you to start blogging?
3. What advice would you give yourself at age 5, 10, 15?
4. What is the most meaningful present you've ever received?
5. What was something that was really difficult that you overcame?
6. If you could time travel, would you prefer to go backwards, or forwards in time?
7. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
8. What 3 things baffle you the most?
9. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
10. Favourite book?
11. What was the first movie you remember seeing in cinema?

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