Monday, May 5, 2014

List Making, Checking In

Just as I got over a cold that has plagued me for the last two weeks, BAM my poorly immune system was hit with another one. So unfortunately, no week in pictures post this week, since I haven't had anything to really take a photo of. Believe it or not, me living in my pyjamas, snuggled on the couch is not as cute as it sounds.

So I thought this week I would do something a little different. I got this from this post over on Mish Lovin' Life.

Making:  lots of memories with my camera
Cooking: No, J does that.
Drinking: lots of water. Keeping up them fluids yo. 
Reading: A Storm of Swords by GRR Martin
Wanting: a wide angle lens for my camera
Looking: like a bit of a wreck at the moment with bad skin and dry hair.
Playing: Assassin's Creed Black Flag
Wasting: time watching Border Security on youtube. Even though I feel this is mostly propaganda, I can't help myself, I find it fascinating. 
Wishing: my uni work would do itself.
Enjoying: Time to myself.
Waiting: for packages to arrive in the mail! yay!
Liking: Blackcurrent flavoured soothers

Wondering: what will happen on Game of Thrones tonight.
Loving: J for loving me when I'm coughing and sputtering and spreading around my germs. 

Hoping: to travel at the end of the year, even though I've done nothing about it. 
Marveling: at how stupid some people on Border Security are.
Needing: a healthier immune system? 
Smelling: not much. 
Wearing: pole clothes. about to head on out to class. 
Following: lots of new peeps on twitter
Noticing: new muscle definition on my legs 
Knowing: not much about Business Law and corporations, despite spending almost three days exclusively on it.
Thinking: about dinner
Feeling: better than I was yesterday
Bookmarking: gym exercises / workouts.
Opening: a new bottle of cough syrup
Giggling: at Rommy, always. That cat has such a personality! 
Feeling: relieved my tooth-ache was the result of sinuses and not because there was anything wrong with my teeth! 

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